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Congratulations on Starting Your Journey!

Continue reading for the foolproof steps  to successfully run your initial session.


Use your own headphones or earbuds (no wireless headphones). Or play the sound through the tablet's speaker. Both options are equally effective.

Your Wi-fi login

Please connect the system to wi-fi. The NeurOptimal® 3 software requires a high-speed internet to download periodic updates. It does not need wi-fi to run sessions.

Wet-wipes or damp paper towel

To wipe off the paste and clean the sensors afterward.

Time and Patience

Before your first session, watch the set-up videos below. Relax and allow one hour to complete your first session - 5-10 mins for learning to apply sensors and remove them; 33 mins is the actual program running time.

Download Documents

These documents are exclusively for Neurofeedback Training Co. Rental Clients only.

  • Consent Form (PDF)

  • Checklist Form (PDF)  (fill out monthly)

  • My Symptoms Tracker (fill out monthly)

  • Sensor Placement (Download PDF) (also in manual)

Fill Out Forms

These forms are used to track your progress

We highly recommend that all renters complete a Personal Checklist form and a Tracking Progress Journal form before your first session and once a month. Consistently revisiting these forms gives you valuable feedback on your improvements. For instance, not being sure of what's changing and then witnessing a reduction from a 10 to a 6 in the "Feel Anxious" rating after the first month highlights your progress.

Read our article: How Do I Know Neurofeedback Is Working?



Apply the EEG Sensors

It's easy!

There are a total of five sensors. Important: You do not need to be exact in the placement. Apply enough conductive paste to cover the end tips of the sensors and have a wet wipe or damp paper towel handy!


Start a session

See how easy it is to start a session!  Watch also on YouTube 

Please note: Make sure to have the power cord connected while in session. 

Read our FAQ to learn why you hear skips in the music during a session.



End of Session

When the session is over the music will stop. Then:

1. Close the program

2. Shut down the tablet

3. Clean the sensors 

Clean the sensors carefully after each use with a wet paper towel, or in running warm water. Make sure to dry them afterward. Any lingering paste can cause corrosion and will reduce the lifespan of your sensors. Do not soak in water.

Please no drinks or food around the machine and keep it clean!




How to start a Demo or Extended Session (Optional)

A standard session is 33 minutes, a Demo session is 15 minutes, and the Extended session is 44 minutes. 

1. Tap on the trainee's name and highlight it

2. Tap on the "settings icon" (wrench icon) and hold.

3. In the pop up menu, tap on "Session" and hold until a third window shows up.

4. Tap and choose "Demo"

5. Double tap on your name to start a session per usual (alternatively, tap and hold on the blue bar next to your name and choose "Start a session" from the menu.

The timer will now count down from 15 minutes (or 44 min. if an extended session was chosen). 

Watch also on YouTube

*Please note: No data proves the extended session provides better results than the regular session.


Good to Know

  • If a child is training with you, do a session on yourself first to get familiar with the program.
  • To add and remove the EEG Sensors - go to the mirror! Take the zAmp (the sensor device), clip it to your shirt.
  • If the system is acting up — a restart always helps!
  • For best results, expect 2-3 months of training and longer if training for symptom support. When families train together the results are more noticeable
  • Want to train long-term? Ask us about our 1-year lease option (only available after the first month).

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How to Add New Music (Optional)

Watch the video demonstration to learn how to add different playlist for the session.

Please note: When creating your own playlist, make sure the length is as long as the session (33 minutes).

Download alternative music here or here (33bowls)




How to Login to NeurOptimal's Remote Tech Support (ZenConnect)

If you are having issues with the system and a simple restart doesn't help, a login to remote tech support is necessary. Watch this brief video below to learn how to log in.

Check our step-by-step guide for login and directions, and please notify your rental manager of the issue to put the rental on hold for one day. Please note that NeurOptimal ZenConnect is not open on weekends. The best times to logon are mornings.

Download Step-by-Step Printed Manual (PDF)


Session in progress

You know a session has begun because...

  1. The green light on the side of the zAmp is turned on and lit up  (if not, redo the session and/or reboot the tablet). 

  2. You'll hear music (micro-interruptions in the music, which is the feedback). 

  3. The timer in the smaller window is counting down from 33 minutes

  4. Time to relax!

    Close your eyes, rest, fall asleep, or read a book. It's also ok to talk while in session. You don't need to watch the screen images. The primary feedback is via audio. No need to focus on the music skips either.  Read also our article on what benefits to expect.



Why the wi-fi?

Your system must be connected to the Internet at least once every seven days to keep licensing up to date. The simplest way for you to ensure this is to connect your system to your wireless network.

Why no wireless headphones?

According to the makers of the system, the Bluetooth software is not compatible with the NeurOptimal system. Therefore, stereo (wired) headphones or using the tablet's built-in speakers is recommended

Where do I adjust the volume?

There are two places. The best option is to tap on the Volume control icon in the lower right corner (see lower right taskbar). There are also two buttons at the top left of the system, but it is right next to the Power Button, which is easy to mistake.

I entered a "Client's" name and now I can't find it

In the Vault’s lower left corner, click on “All” to pull up all names entered in the system or locate the initial of your last name in the alphabet. Please note: Always start a session from your name to track session count. You only need to add a name once!




Commonly Asked Questions

What do the EEG sensors do?

The sensors are collecting the electrical activity of the brain.  NeurOptimal 3 targets 20 different sets of frequencies across the right and left brain.

During a session, the sensors will pick up the electrical activity of your brain millisecond by millisecond and the zAmp or amplifier translates that voltage into numbers, which are read by the software. Nothing invasive is involved with the training process.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is does not push or direct the brain. The system cues your limbic brain to pay attention at the exact millisecond that the software wants it to, so your brain can see what is maladaptive and improve its functioning.

What if I apply the sensors to the wrong place?

NeurOptimal uses C3 and C4 - ie: the midpoints on each side of the head between the top of the ear and the top of the head. If you get them close to those points, then there is no “wrong place.” Fun fact: 95% of the brain's electrical activity can be detected anywhere on the scalp.

What's the purpose of the music?

How neurofeedback works is actually not about the particular sound or sight but rather how the orienting or “pay attention to yourself” response of the brain gets triggered by stopping the music or visual display.  We are “bio-hacking” by interrupting the habitual patterns through the use of the brain’s natural information gathering process, the orienting response. It’s triggered by interrupting the music which triggers the awareness response of the automatic functioning CNS to come into the present moment . This serves as an opportunity for the mal-adaptive habits, such as constantly being in a state of stress, to be revealed.

So while there is the necessity for sound it’s not the particulars of it, that make the neurofeedback work. It the interruption process at the exact millisecond the brain is about to change states (read by the electrical patterning) and perform an action that is key for the ‘feedback.’

Why do I hear the interruptions (feedback) even if the sensors are not placed on my scalp and ears?

Keep in mind the sensors do not add anything to your system. The sensors job is to pick up all electrical activity. There is a ubiquitous amount of electrical activity around us and NeurOptimal® can’t tell that sensors aren’t plugged in and connected properly. The sensors as well as the DIMM ports on the zAmp [rectangular device of the sensors] are open to the atmosphere and will pick up electric activity regardless. It is sort of like when an antenna for an old transistor radio is broken off - definitely not ideal, but it still picks up a signal. It will regardless convert the data to the software and you may then hear the interruptions. These interruptions are really meaningless  if the sensors are not placed on scalp/ear. But if they are placed correctly on scalp and ears, it will provide real-time mirror of what the brain is doing and the brain decides what to do with that information. 


Watch this short video explaining what the sensors do.


My child is having a hard time to sit still for a full session. What can I do?

If finding it difficult to sit through the standard 33 minute program we recommend starting with the  15 minute Demo version. One can train daily (or every other day) to build up tolerance to sit through the regular 33 minute version.  Some parents training children with sensory processing issues will run sessions while the child is sleeping.  Then once they have greater tolerance, switch to daytime sessions.


Watch this video testimonial from a parent who trained her child while sleeping.

Why is it important to have the system connected to wi-fi?

The software needs to be re-licensed and updated every 7 days. If it is not used within this time period or not connected to wi-fi the program will not open and a Tech Support call (remote connection with a NeurOptimal Technician) is then needed. To avoid this we ask the rental client to login to the wi-fi at start and leave it connected automaticallly. At times the program needs a software update (which always happens automatically at start). If there is an update, it's recommended to install and reboot tablet.

Is it OK if I do other things while training such as read, talk or play games on iPad, etc.?

Yes!  The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer does not require you to place your attention on the training screen in order to run a successful session.  The feedback comes primarily through interruptions in the music/audio.  If you can hear the music, then the training session will be successful.  You can read, sleep, meditate, whatever you feel inclined to do. 

How will I feel after a session?

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback does not push the brain in any particular direction. The system cues your central nervous system to do what is naturally best for YOUR brain. Because NeurOptimal system is non-invasive, it is highly unlikely you will feel any side effects following a session. Any noticeable shifts in your mood, awareness or energy level after brain training really depends on the individual and can vary from session to session. 

The main point is that transformation with neurofeedback happens according to the brain’s own intrinsic intelligence, with no conscious effort from the user. 

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How do I know a session is in progress?

The primary feedback is via audio, as long as you have the sensors placed on scalp and ears, hear the skips/gaps in music and see that the timer in the small Vault window is counting down from 33 minutes -- it is working. If you don't see the screen saver images or charts-- don't worry! There is absolutely no need to watch the screen while in session. Instead, try to relax; close your eyes, sleep, read a book or magazine, talk, draw, play a game etc... The system and your brain/central nervous system will do all the work. 


Step-by-step Guide on How To Apply The EEG Sensors

  1. Connect the zAmp (the rectangular device that has the 5 sensors) with the USB cable and into the tablet

  2. Place the zAmp where you will be working with it, either clipped to the front or back of a shirt or back of a chair is common or put it in your lap. In the beginning it may help to watch yourself in the mirror when applying and removing the sensors (just remember to connect the USB cord to the tablet before starting a session).

  3. Scoop just enough conductive paste onto sensors so the paste is covering the inner tip on both sides.  When scooping paste put your forefinger on the back of the cup for support, preventing bending and possible sensor damage.

  4. EARS: Squeeze the BLUE SENSOR clip onto the top of the right ear. Apply paste in the same way to the BLACK SENSOR clip (this is the only black sensor that is located on right ear), and gently squeeze onto the ear lobe. Please note: No need to remove earrings, just make sure the paste is not touching them. It is ok to adjust clip positioning to work around them.

  5. SCALP: Pick up the YELLOW SENSOR and cover just enough paste on the plate. If you slide your fingers over the scalp about halfway point between the top of the ear and the top of the head, you will feel a bump with a dip right above it. That dip is your spot! If you can't find it no worries, just as long as it is halfway it's a good spot. Please note: NeurOptimal uses C3 and C4 - ie: the midpoints on each side of the head between the top of the ear and the top of the head. If you get them close to those points, then there is no “wrong place”.

  6. Part the hair as much as possible and apply the yellow sensor on scalp – you may feel the coolness of the paste. It's ok if the hair is not fully removed. Repeat the YELLOW SENSOR and BLUE SENSOR on the left side (it's only the right ear that you'll have an extra sensor).

Now you're ready to start the session!  

  • neurofeedback-training-neuroptimal-eeg-sensor-placement-right-ear-original
    Right side: 3 Sensors (one extra on ear lobe)
  • neurofeedback-training-eeg-sensor-placement-left-ear-neuroptimal-IMG_4148
    Left side: Two sensors (scalp and ear)
  • neurofeedback-training-co-teen-training-with-the-neuroptimal-braintrainer-at-home
    No need to watch the screen. Take a nap, read, or watch a separate device (keep volume on low)

Need more help?

Contact your assigned rental manager or use the chat widget in lower right corner. Please identify yourself and let us know that you are renting a system from us so we can better assist you.