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Neurofeedback Testimonial

A Mom's Journey of Success: How Neurofeedback Transformed My Children's Learning

Meet Roberta, a dedicated mom whose children faced significant learning issues. In this heartfelt video, Roberta shares her experience with neurofeedback and how it helped her children overcome their challenges. Not only did her kids improve academically, but they also gained confidence, and she gained peace of mind. She shares her "a-ha" moments when she realized the change was real. As a parent, Roberta understands other parents' apprehensions, so she’s here to offer her top tips for those considering neurofeedback for their children. Watch to learn, relate, and empower your family’s journey towards better health through neurofeedback.

This video covers:

  • The transformational journey from speech delays and acting out to excelling at school.
  • How she got her children to say "yes" to neurofeedback sessions. 
  • What did Roberta do to make sure her kids had the best outcomes?
  • How did she get her son with sensory issues to tolerate the ear clips?  (12:39)
  • Roberta's tips for parents researching neurofeedback. (20:27)

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