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Rent a System

When renting this neurofeedback home system for a month cost per neurofeedback session is less than $60. Our monthly plans range from *$650/month and up and can be extended as long as you wish.  Free shipping anywhere within US via FedEx 2 day shipment. Flat-rate shipping cost to Canada is $50 (including return).

Lease a System

Want to rent long-term? We now offer a 1-year lease at *$499/month.  Please note, this excusive lease offer is only available for re-renters or for those who have rented from us for a month.  

Buy a System

Cost to buy a NeurOptimal system range from $7,799 and up. We help health professionals get started with neurofeedback training! Get expert guidance from Natalie Baker, LMHC, NeurOptimal representative since 2011.

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*Sales tax applies for NY, CO, CA residents.


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What is NeurOptimal®

The NeurOptimal® Home System is a fully automated neurofeedback system used for both professional and home use. This advanced neurofeedback technology is designed to support the brain’s natural, innate learning process. NeurOptimal is a  non-invasive brain training and safe for any age to use.

Did you know?

NeurOptimal® is the only fully automated Dynamical Neurofeedback (TM) device available today. NeurOptimal® is designated as a General Wellness Product by the FDA. It is safe neurofeedback training for any brain!


Why rent a system from Neurofeedback Training Co?

Your NeurOptimal rental  includes a tablet-based system with the latest updated NeurOptimal® software version 3.

  • We are experienced.  We've been offering our brain training program for over 11 years and have served over 3,000 customers.
  • We are experts. All of our coaches are Advanced Certified Trainers and have been through the brain training program themselves.
  • We provide the best value.We price our programs to meet the needs of our customers.
  • We offer excellent customer service.We provide exclusive manuals and training videos. Chat window, text, phone and email support available
  • We give the option to train multiple people and offer unique training suggestions for each person.
  • We care. Our team of experienced trainers will guide you through the renting period, review your progress and make suggestions based on your goals. Coaching sessions are included in each rental.


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